Short presentation of the project

Even though tourism has developed in recent years in the Lower Danube region, more need to be done. Local institutional support for the creation of attractive and sustainable tourism products based on local assets must be fostered in order to bring real benefit to local communities. Moreover, adopting a common cross-border and “around the Danube” perspective can ensure an effective market positioning. Indeed, cross border tourism products have already appeared in the Upper Danube area and are now caught by tourists who want to discover the Lower Danube, especially when they are labelled as green tourism products.

Given the emphasize of ecotourism on the sustainable use of local resources and on the local retention of tourism benefits, developing ecotourism along the lower Danube – an area stricken by depopulation, poverty and unemployment – will prove to be an opportunity for economic diversification. It will mean new job opportunities for the young and unemployed.

Danube Ecotourism Project

Therefore, the objectives of the project Cross-border ecotourism in the Danube Region” will contribute to the emergence of new green cross-border tourism products:

  • Identification of natural areas in Serbia, Bulgaria Romania and along the Danube that can support eco-tourism product development,

  • Create a common ecotourism analysis and certification scheme,

  • Create pilot eco-tourism products (including tours, accommodation, services, etc.) and promote them to encourage their market up-take.

These objectives will be reached through the following activities:

  1. A 3 day technical meeting between the project partners in order to discuss the Romanian, Bulgarian and Serbian sustainable tourism criteria and schemes and to decide on how they can become the basis for the certification and marketing of future cross-border Danube eco-tourism destinations;

  2. Drafting the concepts and budgets of 3 future cross-border projects that will be submitted for financing under CBC programmes;

  3. A press conference in Bucharest for the presentation of the overall project or projects to the media and tourism operators.



Belogradchik rocks