Association for the development of Social & Wellness Tourism

Established in December 2013, the Association for the Development of Social and Health Tourism (ADSHT) gathers confirmed experts in the field of tourism with considerable depth of experience in territorial & urban planning and project management.

Social and Health Tourism can permit to provide short-term benefits to individuals as well as long-term infrastructures to the population. Our association is therefore dedicated to one single goal, the well being of people, driven by the idea that tourism in Romania, the capacity to enjoy its diverse landscapes, its natural resources can give a relief from the symbolic and physical stigmata of social exclusion.

But, ADSHT is not an association that could only exist in Romania or that answers only to the social issues of Romania, most of European countries have to face the fact that a part of their population is excluded from tourism. This exclusion harms the weakest such as the young, the disabled, the ill and the elderly. Thus, one of the first actions of the newly created ADSHT is to participate to the Low Season Tourism Expert Group of the DG Enterprise that drafts the European strategy for the development of senior tourism.


National Tourism Authority of Romania

The National Tourism Authority is a public institution with legal personality, coordinated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Tourism, who took over the activities and structures specialized in tourism.

The National Tourism Authority implements national tourism development strategy, product development strategy and destinations, privatization and post-privatization strategy for tourism, etc. The National Tourism Authority organize and conduct activities to promote Romania’s tourism both domestic and international markets through specific promotion representative. Among other duties, The National Tourism Authority determine, together with central and local government authorities with responsibilities in the field, measures to protect areas with historical, architectural or landscaping measures for the tourist, and measures for their integration into action to modernize the settlements and related areas.


Authentic Bulgaria Association 

The Authentic Bulgaria Association is  the owner of the independent Quality Mark in tourism, Authentic Bulgaria, which is awarded to accommodations that offer original and unique tourism product. The program started in May 2006, and was implemented by the USAID funded VEGA/BTD. The whole program was industry initiated and was developed to increase the competitiveness of Bulgaria as tourism destination and to attract high-value visitors from around the world.The Authentic Bulgaria Association continues the implementation of  the program after VEGA/BTD closes.


Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia 

RARIS is a Limited Liability Company, without profit sharing with its founders, found under Serbian law. The Assembly is made to include all sectors of public life, i.e. government, business, the academy, and civil society. All founders have proportional number of votes, according to their contribution, in RARIS Assembly.

RARIS founders are:

  • The municipalities of: Majdanpek, Kladovo, Boljevac, Knjaževac, Negotin and Sokobanja
  • The City of Zajecar
  • The Regional Chamber of Commerce Zaječar
  • The AD Road Company, Zaječar
  • The NGO Timok club, Knjaževac
  • The Faculty of management Zajecar

RARIS functions through a network consisting of a head office located in Zaječar with counterpart person representatives of all founders.

The head office provides technical and secretarial assistance, information services and logistics in support of the economy, local government and civil society in preparation and implementation of various development programmes. A small team consist of professionals, experienced in similar jobs, are operating in the head office. The team coordinate activities with the founders through regular monthly meetings with delegated – counterpart representatives. The founder municipalities are hosting regular monthly meetings in rotation.