WP1 Project Management

The main tasks are:

  1. Project Coordination

  2. Internal communication among partners

  3. External communication to the IB

  4. Midterm and final report

The project management activity will also aim to raise the awareness of key Danube Region stakeholders (e.g. local public administrations) on the potential of ecotourism development and on the possibility to participate in the future CBC projects that will be drafted through the present project.


WP 2: A 3-day sustainable tourism technical meeting in Vidin, Bulgaria

This meeting will consist of 2 days of discussion and 1 day of field trip.

The first day: discussion only between partners. Each one will present its national eco or sustainable tourism criteria and approach:

  • Romania has an ecotourism criteria list approved by the National Tourism Authority. 13 destinations have started a certification process.

  • The Authentic Bulgaria label is based on the GSTC criteria and the Authentic Bulgaria team has started to work with the Serbian partner to create a cross-border certification.

Then discussions will concentrate on drafting the concept for future project(s) in order to develop cross-border eco-tourism products and interpretation infrastructure.

The second day:

  • 1st half day: key green tourism operators from RO, BG and RS in the area of Vidin will be invited to give their opinion on the first concepts,

  • 2nd half: discussion between the partners.

The third day: partners and local operators will visit 3 natural areas (1 in each country) along the Danube and test the concepts (pre-assessing the area and the local services from an eco-tourism perspective).

WP 3: Drafting the concept and budget of the overall project

Based on the results of the technical meeting in Vidin, the partners, in cooperation with the external experts from the Association of Ecotourism from Romania, will draft the concept notes for each of the 3 cross-border projects that will be submitted under relevant CBC Programmes. The projects will be coherent one to another and will have a similar approach in order to prepare trilateral ecotourism project. Each partner will be in charge of elaborating the first draft of one project. The estimative budgets including the distribution of cost by soft or hard activity will also be drafted and agreed in cooperation.

WP4: Press conference in Bucharest

A press conference will be organized in Bucharest to disseminate the results of the START project and to promote the importance and potential of ecotourism development in the Lower part of the Danube Region. It will gather apart from mass media, confirmed tourism experts from Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia and tourism operators interested in the topic.